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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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coming up in 2 minutes alex savage will tell us why the line is not up yet. i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic, we'll say good morning to steve paulson, he is tracking this. >> end of the week, tracking things, we'll see if it makes it here, i'll tell you. there is a lot of what ifs. what if it stays really warm. well it will. in fact we'll have temperatures near 70 today, there is areas of rain to the north, nothing too heavy, light rain, temperatures though coming in well above average here for probably the bulk of the week. occasionally higher clouds come by, patchy fog, redding, crescent city, kind of hit and miss, nothing at fort brag, that looks like where the source is going to stay 30s and 40s on the temps to 50. san francisco, 52, low 40s here, low 40s, but 51, foster
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city, mid-40s. high pressure will continue to hold itself ground and give the north bay rain, that's three days away. mostly sunny, patchy morning fog near 70 for many, 60s, also 70s. all right sal, a light monday yet so far? doesn't look too bad. let's go right to the east shore freeway, talk about the east shore, 19 minutes between the bridge and the mcarthur maze, that's not too bad right now. i've been looking at chp's list, seem a little bit lighter than normal. perhaps people arrange to have today off, maybe to come into the office a little bit later. let's move on to the bay bridge toll plaza. a big delay, kind of a normal delay, a 20 minute drive coming into san francisco. southbound 280 on the peninsula off to pretty good starts as you drive through. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. happening now workers at 9 oil refineries from texas to
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california are on strike. it is the first big strike at any refinery in 35 years, ktvu alex savage is live at the refinery in martinez where workers are helping safely shut down the plant before they start walking picket lines. >> good morning to you. the picket lines won't be going up here at this facility in martinez until some time later this week, that's because a lot of those workers are still on duty, they are in the process of safely shutting plant down, it is a very slow process, we're outside in martinez, this is one of nine refineries that will be impacted by this strike and we have not seen the strike like this in quite some time. the first refinery strike since 1980. the united steal workers called for the work stoppage. and in texas, washington state, and kentucky. after workers here at the refinery in martinez wrapped up their shifts last night their union told them not to return until a new contract is agreed
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upon, workers say this strike is about a lot more than just money, they are also concerned about job safety issues, working conditions, under staffing, and fatigue. >> national was willing to continue talking even beyond the midnight deadline, industry walked away and was unwilling, basically left them no option. now certain refineries affected by this strike will stay open using nonunion labor. there is a concern how this will impact gas prices, whether prices will go up here if there is a ripple affect. it could spread to other refineries around california. that's the concern they produce our state's special blend of gas so that could impact gas prices, united steal workers also represent employees at the near by shell facility also richmond chevron plant those workers right now are on day to
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day contracts during the strike the plant will continue taking in shipments of crude oil, also be storing oil and shipping out what has already been refinedded. production should be winding down and halted by thursday in all likelihood, that's when we'll likely see the picket lines right there. another story we'll stay on top of through the the week. the super bowl, the new england patriots are super bowl champs 10 years after their last title. pass is intercepted at the goal line by malcolm butler! >> are you kidding me? the seahawks, quarterback russell wilson was intercepted by rookie malcolm butler. they won 28-24. they came back after being down by 10.
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unbelievable play. the predicting the seahawks will win the super bowl next time. and the first time to play in their home stadium, this had to be 25-1 odds. the raiders said to be 300 to 1. well besides the game a lot of people are talking about the super bowl commercials. >> show me what it looks like to run like a girl. >> coming up in just seven minutes, which commercials are generating the most buzz this morning? it is 6:05. the ferry added a extra ride to help handle more commuters. ktvu is live, tell us a new time slots being tested out to see if it should become permanent. >> that's right for about 9 months they'll give it a go, we want want to mention the 545 bus did not show up here, we had a pretty packed ferry. we talked to folks in line
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about the added run later in the morning, most of them didn't know about this new ferry that would be leaving at 8:45. that makes a total of eighttrips for the morning rush. this is really an effort to curb some of that over flow. many tell us an increase in service is good but doesn't really affect them. >> they start work early, get in, get here early take it in. coming home in the evening, it depends on which time you take it. different times i've taken it, 5:30, 6:00, 5:00. >> the new run will replace a back-up bus service, expected to attract 100 new passengers and will have new revenue for the ferry. and it will be tested out for nine months, depending how successful it is it could become permanent. back to you. thank you, tara. time is 6:06.
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we're learning more about the man arrested and the gruesome discovery of body parts inside a suitcase in san francisco. it reports mark andrew was arrested on saturday, has a criminal record for suspected drug possession, theft and burglary dating back to the 1980s and '90s. a friend tells ktvu that police have the wrong man and he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. the victim has not been identified, charges may be filed later in the week. the northeast getting slammed by another major winter storm forcing flights to be canceled and schools to shut down. the national weather service says this new storm is the most far reaching of the winter season. rushing to move snow from last week's big storm out of the way while they get ready for 9 to 16 more inches of snow. yesterday, up to a foot and a
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half of snow fell in chicago. in toledo ohio, the mayor uz with driving around the city checking road conditions, he had a heart attack in his car. 70-year-old michael listed in critical condition today. his suv hit a pole when he suffered that heart attack yesterday afternoon. a passer-by performed cpr until emergency crews could get there. >> yeah, very sad situation. 6:08. twins in space? one in space, one not coming up in 15 minutes we'll have one brother on the international space station and the other here on earth. plus, an unusual joyride caught on camera. it took a turn for the worst, the way this street skier landed up in some legal trouble. good morning northbound 101, san francisco looks good approaching the 80 split tell you more coming into the city coming up.
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january was fourth warmest on record, february starting off warm today most of the week we'll have details on that.
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. well good morning welcome back to the morning news, president obama scheduled to outline his $4 trillion budget plan. calling for raising taxes on the wealthy and on corporations to benefit the middle class. >> the plan unvails new
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initiatives including a public works program for upgrading highways, bridges, and public transsit. the newly-elected republican congress says, that budget plan is a non-starter. republicans are vowing to achieve balance while at the same time attacking expensive programs like social security, medicare, and medicaid. coming up on 6:12. bill clinton comes back to the bay area, his visit starts tonight, tomorrow he'll be in oakland, in san mateo on wednesday. the topic of the former president's speeches have not been announced yet, it is one of several events sponsored by a speakers group that involves several high-profile news makers. 6:12. starting today people who live in san francisco and they want to rent out their homes to travelers can file an application with the city. those hosts who use air b and b, you have to go to city hall
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to fill out the paper work and proved you've lived there for at least two months. you also have a to pay a $50 fee and sign an affidavit saying you'll follow the time restrictions for short term rentals. for super bowl fans, for football fans at least, super bowl xlix was a thriller, between the players of course those high profile multimillion dollars commercials aim today get everybody talking. the ads that had the biggest buzz. always fun to go back look at the ads that made you laugh, react to the ones that made you cry and ones that certainly got your blood boiling, the super bowl is the mecca for ad time. the panel ranks which were the best, here with the top three. the minute-long ad tells the story of a puppy that runs away
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gets lost but finds its way home by the way this is a bud wiser commercial, they ended up saving him from serious trouble from a wolf. this is a second year in a row the puppies have won the top commercial honor. what does it mean to you when i say run like a girl? >> it means run as fast as you can. >> better believe i had my 4- year-old daughter watching this commercial. finishing second was an add that addressed the stereotype what it's like to be a girl. always feminine products encouraged what it is like to run, throw like a girl, how like a girl is portrayed and changing negative connotations. bigger, powerful ready for action. >> that commercial is meant for dave clark. >> and featuring a little blue pill with the vehicle's cross over, i thought that was pretty
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clever. it was ranked third by usa today, this is the ad that many people are up in arms about. >> won't ever get married. because i died from an accident. >> at nationwide, we believe in protecting what matters most. your kids. >> certainly depressing for many people, this ad had social media buzzing. not exactly a good way. this ad shows a kid who can't live his dreams because he died from an accident. the ad actually got so much backlash that it issued a statement in part last night saying the sole purpose of this message was to start a conversation, not to sell insurance. obviously lots of great commercials last night one of my personal favorites was the snickers commercial that showed
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a brady bunch episode. but did you know that many of the themes for the commercials was tugging at the heart strings, targeted at dads, had tissues. we asked what your favorite commercials on our facebook page were respond we may share you answers. what were your favorites? >> the cat steven song. >> and the one with the dad taking the daughter to the airport? >> yeah. every year redwood uses their game to simulate the super bowl. this year they accurately predicted new england's come back and the final score. this is so realistic, among the other things they got right. the game-winning touch down pass in the fourth quarter that brady would throw 4 td passes and win mvp. he was only three yards and one
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catch away from perfectly calling the entire game. >> edelman was one of the major stars of that game, he is from the bay area. >> that's right. i like the patriots malcolm who got the interception at the end, my brother's name is malcolm. don't hear that name very often, that's cool. hey, sal, you're all over this stuff too. i know you're watching our traffic. >> it was a fun day, i think some people may be a little bit late to work this morning. >> perhaps, perhaps. right now we're looking at a commute where traffic is going to be a little bit slow on highway 4, we definitely have noticed people getting on the road a little later this morning but they are out there. highway 4 is slow down here in bay point also slow in antioch. we look at the bay bridge tole plaza. looked up for a 25-minute delay up to the metering lights, no problems on the actual upper
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deck of the bay bridge. we have been looking at highway 101 and 280, both directions that traffic looks good as you drive on peninsula. why love twitter, there were 109 passes, only 1 was intercepted. >> that was yesterday. twitter, amazingly just like, tells you all these things at the drop of the hat. many of you, you'll stop me and say steve when is it going to rain. i hope it is this week, i really do. it won't be until later in the week probably thursday maybe friday. if it makes this far south. it will make it to the north bay. we'll see how much makes it south of san francisco. and next week looks like high pressure wants to build back in, let's not jump on board here too fast too soon. we have rain to the north,
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patchy fog, napa airport, fair field, little coastal variety and inland variety, few high clouds, no big deal. today mild to warm, temperatures continue to be really warm, january was the fourth warmest on record for california, we haven't had any rain since christmas eve, tomorrow fog then rain, yes, thursday but it will be to the north, how far south it makes it could remain to be scene. crescent city, two-thirds of an inch. thank you for that information. somebody in california is getting rain. these will be warm systems not looking good for snow, probably above 7,000 feet. some rain moving into the north again looks like a break from crescent city, mount shasta has had rain, redding, all well to the north. 30s, 40s, 50s. napa, 39 degrees, heyward, 49, 50, freemont, and gilroy, in
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the higher elevations still really warm, scotts valley at a balmy 57 degrees, high pressure reluctantly wants to give up its grip and it won't that would open the door. rain returns for some, there is not a consensus, not even close on where that rain sets up and how much one forecast model is extremely why the other two are not that much. clouds here at thursday, i'll tackle that on thursday, next seven days there could be, i saw one projection between now and the next 16 days of 14- inches of rain, i'm not sure that's going to materialize, further north there is a lot of rain. further south there may not be much at all. mostly sunny, patchy morning fog, near 70. temperatures well above average should be closer to 58, 63, we're not even close. water temps are warm. 58 degrees, that definitely contributes to the warm ocean
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temperatures and the warm lows. mostly sunny warm into wednesday, cloud it up thursday, day, maybe rain thursday, friday sunday our best bet. even that i wouldn't bet. >> i know but it makes the week interesting. >> let's hope it makes it. >> if it does there will be a lot of rain. all right steve talk to you later. 6:20. a joyride did not end up in a lot of laughs. take a look at this. this really happened. there's the car, a skier behind it. the mayor just happen to be interviewed by phone when a live tv news camera spotted this suv going by pulling the man on skis. the mayor says i wish there was a cop near by to give that guy a ticket. minutes later that's exactly what happened when the mayor speaks, the police listen. he gets a ticket. time now 6:21. a pregnant woman on her way to the hospital, the baby just
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could not wait. a push. >> you're driving right now? >> coming up in 20 minutes the amazing roadside baby delivery that could also be considered the ultimate case of distracted driving. first, the medical center now open, a coordinated effort to move hundreds of patient to the $1.5 billion hospital.
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. nasa pre preparing to launch twins study for space. longer than any american has spent on a single space flight. his identical twin brother, astronaut mark kelly will remain here on earth. scientists will use data to figure out how long term exposure to space travel affects the human body. >> you know understanding the affect of not only the micro gravity, but the radiation has on my dna when we're able to compare it to my brothers on the ground. >> this will be scott kelly's fourth space mission, mark has also made four trips, he is the husband by the way of former arizona congresswoman gabby
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giffords shot and injured during a community meeting in arizona four years ago. time is now 6:25. dozens of patients were moved to a new $1.5 billion medical center in san francisco over the weekend. they opened its facility yesterday. the 878,000 square foot hospital includes services for children and a cancer center. more than 130 patients were transferred from the mount zion facilities with ambulances arriving every four minutes. >> we did not know what to room would look like, to come in and see their names up, it was just so nice. it is great because it gives us more privacy makes us feel like we have a little bit more family time together. >> and the new mission-bay medical center will have to world's largest fleet of mobile robots transporting meals,
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medications and lab specimens. more patients are expected to be transferred in the coming days. a weekend protest against the public nudity ban ended with three arrests. half a dozen nude activists gathered in the district, they were there to mark the anniversary, calling it a violation of the rights. they arrested three people who refused to cover up. police say instead of siting them they were forced to take them into custody because they did not have the proper identification on them. time is 6:27. three people killed in san jose, 15 minutes, what the chp is saying about possible factors in a fiery crash early yesterday morning. count down to super bowl 50 is underway, we are live at levi stadium, find out what's going on behind the scenes to prepare, what organizers are taking away from last night's big game. we're looking at highway 4
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you can see traffic is busy, we have word of a fire that may be causing some smoke. rain in northern california, extreme northern california, at least somebody is getting rain. what about this far south? maybe later in the week today will be warm we'll show you how warm.
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. well good morning, welcome back, we're live in martinez outside the oil refinery, this is one of nine oil refineries nationwide affected by a strike. coming up in two minutes ktvu alex savage why workers will picket and the concern of gas prices possibly going up because of this strike, yikes. stay tuned, thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is monday, february second. i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. a look at weather and traffic,
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it was just a gorgeous weekend and more the same today. not as nice as saturday. a friend of mine i texted him on saturday, back in caldwell, new jersey. it he said, it's 15, shut up. they are getting the snow again in the rain, we're getting high pressure and warm temps, there is rain, redding getting rain, rain up towards crescent city over to susanville, for us, except for high clouds and patchy fog, it is going to be another mild and warm day, 30s, 40s and 50s on the lows, you see a ban coming in redding, and wrapping up north towards mount shasta, crescent city, and 40s on the temps to 50s, upper 30s, not to many. holding steady in the 40s,
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windsor, lake porter, everyone pretty close, plenty of clouds and moisture not here yet it is going to stay north. mostly sunny here, high clouds, patchy fog, upper 60s, 70s, well above average. looks like they'll stay above average. here is sal with an update on your traffic, i haven't heard anything yet. >> we haven't heard anything big however there is a fire reported 115th, open fire is battling a warehouse fire at that location, we're trying to figure out if it will affect a lot of traffic, it is a busy area almost anytime of the day. let's take a look at live pictures you can see at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up for a 20-minute delay here at the toll plaza. 880 north and southbound looks good. doesn't seem like there is a big backup getting up into downtown oakland just yet. what's very slow is livermore
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to pleasanton commute. and 680 very slow, today is one of those days where everyone is on the road there, it is going to be a bad monday if you're leaving with just the right amount of time you should add extra time if this is your commute. 6:32. let's go back to the desk. happening now, workers of a bay area oil refinery were helping to shut down operations as picket lines are about to go up. ktvu alex savage joining us live at the tesoro refinery in martinez, it is not clear how that may affect gasoline prices. >> analysts are concerned that gas prices could go up if this strike drags on for a long period of time. and spreads to other refineries here in california. that includes the facility behind us here, this is the tesoro refinery in martinez, keep in mind we'll likely not see picket lines here at this
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facility, though, for another couple of days that's because union workers are still on duty slowly in the process of shutting this down, it is not an easy process, they need to do this before they walk off the job. this is the first refinery strike since 1980. the united steal workers called for the work stoppage, picket leans up at tesoro refineries in texas, and kentucky as well. this is a lot more than money, they are concerned about working conditions, under staffing, and fatigue. now certain refineries affected by the strike will stay open using nonunion labor and managers, but there is still a concern about rising fuel prices, especially if the strike spreads to other refineries around california which produced our state's unique blend gas.
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>> gas prices? gas prices going up? bad for me. >> the prices will go up on the fuel, any excuse they can find. the united steal workers union represents employees here at the shell facility in martinez, richmond plant as well. those workers are on day to day contracts and have not yet gone on strike. during this work stoppage, it will continue to take in crude oil and ship out what has already been refined but again production is expected to be halted later on this week likely by this coming thursday, dave, that's when we will in all likelihood begin to see picketlines outside of this plant. boy this could be interesting. we'll talk to you later thank you. this morning new england patriots fans are celebrating the team's big super bowl victory. >> pass is intercepted at the
6:36 am
goal line! >> okay, love the call there, love the expression come brady jumping for joy, and sherman there looking so upset. and the quarterback, well, the seattle seahawks time winding down, malcolm butler intercepted, russell wilson at the goal line, the seahawks had a 10 -point lead going into the fourth quarter but the patriots came back to win 28-24. >> one play they made a great play on it and give credit to their team. i watched a lot of super bowls, you know my opinion that was one of the better ones we just didn't win it. >> a lot of people lost faith in us early, we held strong, held together, it is a great feeling. >> san mateo native, tom brady's fourth super bowl title, that's a feit only two other quarters backs have accomplished. brady was named the game's mvp, got that special truck as well. the game however was marred at
6:37 am
the end by a scuffle, they were taking a knee to run up the clock when they flagged this brawl. gronkowski was also in the middle of things, irvin and fans hit the streets, celebrating the patriot's big win . i heard you! after the patriot's won people poured out of the bar into the streets, the temperatures in boston was 12 degrees, but people hit the streets, police were everywhere, fans waving their patriots flags and chanting, we won the super bowl! >> i'm over the moon right now, i cannot believe it. it's -- that is the best super bowl me and my friends, it was a tough loss, exciting game, we were happy to be here. >> just after midnight, the boston police department
6:38 am
tweeted out celebrations were civil, no arrests were made. it is a year away now, now that super bowl xlix is over, so the focus has shifted to the bay area host of super bowl 50, thousands of football fans coming to the area, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done. we're joined live from santa clara what's worked on and how only businesses are cashing in. >> it was such -- for the bay area to be choose for super bowl 50. there are lots of fans here watching the big game at the restaurants here and managers say they had the first year, about how to operate things at levi stadium. there is still a lot of logistics that need to be worked out in 2016. the bay area host committee was in glendale learning what they could making it memorable and safe for fans. they are working on a model since many of the events will
6:39 am
take place in san francisco, even though the big game will be held in santa clara. hotels are getting reservations for that weekend. the hotel saint francis has booked 80% of its rooms. there are sponsors who want to host events in the city. >> there will be hospitality programs and packages that will allow out of town travelers, take advantage of the hotels that they'll contracted already. demand may be so great it is possible people may even consider renting out their houses in glendale arizona luxury homes being rented out for fans that wanted something different than a hotel. one went $100,000 for a whole week, something 49ers fans will be hoping for is the team will make it to the big game, there's never been a team playing for the super bowl, the 49ers came close, they did play in 1985 but it was held at
6:40 am
stanford stadium. back to you. thank you. 6:39. katy perry's super bowl halftime show ended quite literally with fireworks. the singer went through the air around the stadium, on twitter fans gave perry mixed reviews most were positive. her performanced started out on a lion for her hit song, roar. also sang teenage dream, i kissed a girl, and for more on yesterday's big game and the bay area preparations for super bowl 50, go to our website at 6:40. just about two hours ago the groundhog, made his weather forecast on this groundhog day. >> yes.
6:41 am
a shadow i see. you can go to twitter, hash tag, six more weeks of winter. thousands of people watching phil, the famous groundhog as he was lifted out. that means winter will last six more weeks if he did not see his shadow, the legend says that would mean an early spring, but phil had spoken. yes. it is 6:41. antiterrorism funds used to catch people who ride the bus without paying? in 20 minutes a detailed look how spending money from the federal government to help prevent terror attacks. holding law enforcement accountable, the changes one group will call for today in the north bay in the wake of the andy lspez shooting. good morning, 237, slow traffic there as you drive west, that commute is getting firmer and you also see slow
6:42 am
traffic on the expressway. just heard from russell, sitting here watching you guys waiting for the sun rise, 7:13, not too long ago, i agree. maybe rain later this week, we'll have fine details coming up.
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news. ands a crash that took the lives of three people on 101. it happened around 2 a.m. the driver of a red infinity sedan registered out of san jose crashed near story road, the car split one tree, uprooted another tree, then burst into flames. the chp is looking for witnesses. two witnesses. -- 2:00 in the morning, alcohol could be involved, speed could be a factor, falling asleep could be something to be considered as well. chp says two men and one woman died in the crash, the medical examiner still identifying those victims. investigators say if you saw the infinity get in contact with the chp. happening today a task force will release new recommendations for law enforcement agencies in sanoma county following the death of andy lspez.
6:46 am
the panel studied law enforcement practices since he was shot and killed in 2013. the deputies thought lspez was carrying an assault rifle, that turned out to be a bb gun. they are recommending they establish an independent auditor to review complaints against law enforcement. there has been a lot of criticism how officer-involved shootings have been canceled in thecounty. and japan's prime minister says he'll never forgive the terrorists that killed two hostages. they released a video appearing to show the decapitated body, last month they killed another hostage. his mother cried as she talked to reporters about her son. >> i have nothing now but tears into my eyes, i hope we will carry on his will to help the
6:47 am
children with war and poverty. they were working along -- the group says they would exchange them for an iraqi woman held in jordan. but they wanted proof that the pilot was still alive. 6:26. the u.s. senate is scheduled to take up a bill to help reduce the number of military veterans who commit suicide. if it becomes law the bill would require the pentagon and veterans affairs to have a program, and mental health professionals who go to work for the va. the bill is approved in the house last month. all right time is 6:47. >> i'm trying to get over into the other lane, i need to push. >> you're driving right now?
6:48 am
>> yeah this is a 32-year-old pregnant woman who jumped in the car and drove herself when her contractions started saturday night. she was still more than 30 minutes away when her water broke. she was on the phone with her husband when he told her to hang up call 911. >> it was i don't know, probably 30 seconds later the baby was delivered. had the baby, just delivered right there in the driver's seat. mom and beautiful baby taken by ambulance to the hospital both is said to be in good condition. the baby doesn't have a name yet as far as we know, we're told he is a healthy, 9-pound baby boy, has hid highway patrol badge as well. already. all right. glad there was a happy ending. 6:48. they are a little bit slower now, let's take a look at 880, traffic is moving along
6:49 am
pretty well. as you drive through, it is getting a little bit more crowded, especially noticing slow traffic as you head south passed the coliseum. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll see the traffic is backed up all the way out to the maze, the meteringline lights went on an hour ago, and traffic taking 25 to 30 minutes to get on the bridge and way from that traffic. not all that bad. i'll tell you what's been really terrible is westbound 580 this morning, that has been very slow through livermore and dublin. give yourself extra time. 680 is also slow. let's go to steve in the weather center. we have mild conditions out there, high clouds, patchy fog, but over all, a mostly sunny day, temperatures running well above average. january is thefourthth warmest on record for california. water temps to be very warm
6:50 am
as well. that certainly helps the lows for many to stay above. warm, tomorrow about the same, rain maybe thursday, we'll tackle it on wednesday, because we've had too many false alarms. patchy low clouds, fair field, napa, over all high clouds and patchy fog, cool to mild to warm. a few 30s, a lot of 40s, and a couple 50s. end up with 60s and 70s, these are well above average. not only are the water temps above average. the last measurable rain, christmas eve,.these are warm systems not looking for much snow. we have rain in california, right on redding you can see right there, radar is lit up, heading to red bluff up on five. shasta, and crescent city, also susanville. right at 40 for some, others
6:51 am
low 40s to 50s. fso, couple upper 30s, alamo, 48 already in brentwood, 46 pittsburgh, and 40s, mid-40s for lafayette, 56 half-moon bay, 58 also at half-moon bay just really warm. should be closer to about 52 for this time of year. cloud cover moving north, lifting north, in lie a mostly sunny forecast, a lot of moisture coming across the pacific, if it could get this far south, we could be looking at hefty rainfall totals nothing until thursday, mostly sunny warm, patchy fog, we'll keep an eye on this system for thursday, see if it will make it to the north bay the question is how far south will it make it. the next seven days could be really hefty totals, santa rosa north, and maybe more than a half inch or an inch, long way to go before we can get to that
6:52 am
forecast. mostly sunny, 60s and 70s, temperatures down towards gilroy 74 degrees so it's warm for everybody, coast bay all the way to the south bay, clouded up on thursday maybe rain to the north, best opportunity right now looks to be friday and again sunday, next week looking dry. might be one or two and then done there could be really heavy rain north. all right so when do you think you'll be able to get a better idea. >> wednesday, nothing through wednesday night. stay tuned. time is 6:52. a warning for pet owners in the east bay, why a visit to a popular lake is proven deadly for several dogs in the past week. plus swastikas, the issue that some think it may be connected to.
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. welcome back, well happening today the former sanford swimming champion accused of raping a woman on campus is expected to enter a employee in court. brock turner, facing five felony counts accused of raping an unconscious woman on a campus party. they say two students saw turner on top of the woman behind a dumpster, that they stopped the attack. according to police, turner says he kissed the woman but did not assault her.
6:56 am
he dropped out of sanford, released on $150,000 bail. the alleged victim is not a student at stanford. the vandalism of a jewish fraternity house now being investigated as a hate crime. two swastikas were discovered early saturday morning on the alpha fraternity, police say whoever is responsible could face felony vandalism charges along with civil rights violations. members of a near by jew serority say they are shaken by the incident. >> i do feel targeted by this. >> last week, uc davis studented asked the board of regents to divest, he says he believes the graffiti and divestment vote are related. groups behind the move reject any such link and condemned the
6:57 am
graffiti. our time is 6:56. a former star of the power rangers tv series was arrested on suspicion of fatally stabbing his roommate witha sword. they say him and his roommate were arguing on saturday, when medina stormed into his room and locked the door. the roommate reportedly forced his way in and that's when they say medina picked up a sword and stabbed him. he called 911, he waited for first responders to get there. medina is due in court tomorrow by the way he played the part of the red lion wild forest ranger back in 2002. it is 6:57. the late whitney houston's daughter remains in the hospital this morning, bobby christina brown's husband found her face down and unresponsive in a bathtub in the roswell georgia home saturday morning. he called 911 and immediately started cpr. when police arrived they said
6:58 am
the 21-year-old was not breathing and did not have a heart beat. they also said there was no sign of drugs. >> they did not see anything on the scene that would indicate that, no alcohol or drugs laying around that would indicate that. >> a source close to the family says brown is in a medically- induced coma. threeyears ago whitney houston was found dead in a bathtub at the beverly hilton hotel. still ahead coming up for the first time in 35 years, oil refinery workers including some in the bay area are on strike. how this could possibly have an impact on your wallet. what do you think of all of those super bowl commercials? we'll tell you what everyone is going to be talking about today including the hits and big misses. ponsibilities.
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